Extensive Reading

Tom’s MReader Project (2014)

This is a more user-friendly version of the MoodleReader plug-in used in the 2009 version.  It no longer uses the complex Moodle code, so is faster.  It now boasts 3700 quizzes and is still growing.

Tom’s The MoodleReader Project (2009 version!)

Moodle Reader Student Screen 
The reader project has over 1500 quizzes on various Graded Readers and other books used by students to learn English with an Extensive Reading approach. Students take quizzes and add to their collection of book covers for every quiz that they pass, working towards a word-count goal set by their teacher. Use of the module is free of charge. Schools can set up MoodleReader on their own server or request space on Moodlereader.org See the following for further information:

Basic Information, Module Code and Guidelines
Here is a list of recently added quizzes and updates.

Youtube Videos

Youtube Video by Tom (Oct, 2008)
A contributed video showing some of the basic operations
How to add a reader module to your course


Article in the MexTESOL Journal, Dec. 2010

Extensive Reading Foundation
The official site of the Extensive Reading Foundation

The Extensive Reading Pages
Tom’s site with a large collection of articles and links concerning Extensive Reading